Untangling Company Misunderstandings: Berkey® Water Systems Update

Untangling Company Misunderstandings: Berkey® Water Systems Update

Dear Valued Customers,

I'm John, the owner of Pure Water PTY, and I'm reaching out to clarify the status of Berkey® Water Systems amidst recent discussions.

There have been talks surrounding "berkeyfilters.com," causing confusion about the future of Berkey® Water Systems. Please note that "berkeyfilters.com" is a distributor, not the manufacturer. They've decided to close their online store, but this doesn't imply any closure for the manufacturer, New Millennium Concepts, which produces Berkey® Water Systems.

As a distributor, I want to be transparent about our current stock availability. We have limited stock, and certain models are currently sold out. Similarly, New Millennium Concepts is also experiencing extremely low stock levels and is temporarily unable to ship certain items due to ongoing issues with the EPA.

I'll be sharing a blog from New Millennium Concepts for further insights into their situation.

While both our store and New Millennium Concepts have limited stock, we encourage you to visit us for available options. Once our stock is depleted, we hope for a resolution to New Millennium Concepts' issues with the EPA, enabling them to resume shipping.

It's important to note that despite their stock challenges, New Millennium Concepts does not have plans to close their business.

Your continued support means a lot to us. Please reach out or visit our store for the remaining available Berkey® Water Systems.

Thank you for being part of our community and for your understanding.

Warm regards,

Owner, Pure Water PTY

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