Alert: Limited Berkey Stock Due to Ongoing Legal Battle with EPA

Alert: Limited Berkey Stock Due to Ongoing Legal Battle with EPA

The Legal Battle: Berkey's Stand Against the EPA

Dear valued Pure Water PTY customers and followers,

In our commitment to always provide transparent and relevant information, today I share crucial news regarding Berkey Water Systems.

The Legal Landscape

EPA's Controversial Claim:

The Berkey Water Filters, a trusted name in water purification, have recently found themselves at the crossroads of a legal battle with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Employing their extended regulatory powers from the COVID-19 era, the EPA has made a surprising move by categorizing Berkey Water Filters as "pesticides." This decision resulted in a stop-sales order affecting a broad spectrum of Berkey vendors and distributors in May.

Berkey's Rebuttal:

With a reputation built over two decades, New Millennium Concepts did not take this decision lying down. On Aug. 3, they filed a lawsuit in a Fort Worth federal court, challenging the EPA's stop-sales order as an "unjustified persecution."

A Word from Berkey:

The company's attorney, Warren Norred, spoke out about the situation to The Epoch Times, stating, “By targeting the vendors, they're essentially choking Berkey's presence in the market, leaving us with no products available.”


Impact on Pure Water PTY and Our Esteemed Customers

Availability & Delivery Concerns:

The ongoing legal feud is bound to affect our stock of Berkey systems, and you may also experience some delays in delivery. We deeply regret any inconvenience this might bring and assure you of our relentless efforts to mitigate these challenges.

Our Unwavering Trust:

Our belief in Berkey's mission to provide pure, clean water remains steadfast. We fully back their stance against this unexpected classification and remain hopeful for a quick and just resolution.


The Underlying Issue: Silver & The 'Pesticide' Label

Understanding the core of the EPA's claim is essential. The EPA regulates antimicrobial products as 'pesticides'. By definition, under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), any substance that regulates or eliminates pests, including microbes, is labeled a 'pesticide'.

Silver, with its rich antimicrobial properties, is incorporated in various water purification systems, including certain Berkey models. It's designed to curtail the growth of microorganisms. For the EPA, this function positions silver as a 'pesticidal' agent. This distinction is more than semantics; it comes with regulatory implications, such as safety evaluations, efficacy testing, and distinct labeling.

Berkey's legal challenge intends to question the EPA's classification. Their primary defense? Their filters are designed for water purification, not just to combat microorganisms. The ramifications of this EPA classification are significant, particularly as stop-sales orders can drastically impact Berkey's market presence and financial stability.


Challenges test resolve. At Pure Water PTY, our mission to ensure access to top-quality water for Panama's residents is unwavering. Your patience, trust, and understanding during these times fortify our commitment. Always know, we are here to support and guide.

Warm regards,

John, Founder of Pure Water PTY


Straight from the Source: Berkey’s Official Response to EPA's Claim

Behind the Controversy: Exclusive Interview with Berkey’s Founder

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The U.S. government doesn’t want people to have the equipment to purify their water. Maybe the government intends to introduce mRNA to the water supply as a depopulation strategy. We already know that U.S. government agencies are corrupt and that they do not operate in the best interests of the people. Expect more of this in the future.


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