Critical Stock Alert: Secure Your Berkey Filter Now – Limited Availability!

Critical Stock Alert: Secure Your Berkey Filter Now – Limited Availability!

Critical Stock Alert: Secure Your Berkey Filter Now—Limited Availability!


Dear Valued Customers of Pure Water PTY,

Urgent Notice: Berkey Filters in Precarious Stock Situation

Today, I bring you an update of utmost urgency regarding our Berkey Water Systems. The situation is critical: Berkey USA is now completely out of stock due to the ongoing complications with the EPA. This has caused a ripple effect, severely impacting us, the authorized dealers.

Last Few Units Available: Act Fast!

As a direct consequence, our inventory of Berkey filters is running precariously low. This isn't just a typical stock shortage; it's a severe scarcity that we haven't experienced before. We currently have in our possession a very limited number of Royal Berkey filters and a handful of refurbished Big Berkey units. These might very well be the last ones available for an unforeseeable future.

Once They're Gone, They're Gone

I cannot stress enough the gravity of this situation. We are staring at a scenario where, once our existing stock is depleted, there will be no Berkey filters available for purchase—not from us, not from anyone else—until Berkey USA resumes operations, the timeline of which remains unclear.

This Is Your Moment to Secure Pure Water

Given these extraordinary circumstances, if you have been considering investing in a Berkey water filter, the time to act is now. This is not just a sales pitch; it's a reality we're facing where the availability of one of the most trusted water filtration systems is hanging by a thread.

Our Unwavering Commitment

We understand the critical role a reliable water filter plays in every household. Our commitment to ensuring your access to clean, safe drinking water has never been more vital. We are here to assist you in making an informed and timely decision.

Do Not Delay

We urge you to make your purchase decision promptly to avoid disappointment. The current stock is all we have, and there's no saying when—or if—we will be able to restock in the near future.

Stay Updated

We promise to keep you informed with any new information as soon as we have it. Your understanding and quick action are appreciated during these challenging times.

Thank you for placing your trust in Pure Water PTY.

Warm regards,

John, Founder of Pure Water PTY

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